God is Love

I the youth, state my cry for change, and proclaim it to anyone who will listen.
When I walk into service my eyes are disappointed. Everyone is scattered and alone not wanting to be near each other. The worst part is the closer to the closing the bigger the population. Haven’t you heard of the woman who were shut out because they didn’t have enough oil? But the authority doesn’t dictate, it asks. Would a father ask you to “Please stop stabbing yourself?” No! He would simply remove the knife. You are so confined to a comfort zone it’s terrifying to raise your hand or simply speaking up.
Church is a place you come to worship, listen, and praise his name. What more do we need? Nothing. You just need to do it in a way that is best for the youth.

Revival Begins With ME

In this declaration are many complaints and changes that have been declared from the youth. Even though these are important, I wanted to focus on ourselves the most. We are all in Christ and even though there are many things that need to be fixed in church, we have to start with ourselves. Colossians 3:23 states whatever you do work at it as working for the Lord and not for men. Our dedication to the youth, our ministry, our songs, our love towards others, our sermons, our good deeds, ANY WORK!!!!!!!!!! Should be for Him, and for Him only. Let your spirit be free and open yourself up to God. He only wants your heart and he has so much love to show you. Let Him lead your life because you cannot lead God. Submit to Him and he will show you where to go.


An ambitious teacher will not let go of a child until she has received all the knowledge she has put in the child. Likewise, my youth leaders, we are capable of understanding and receiving so I pray you will follow your own teaching, and step out of your comfort zone as well. Try reading scripture out loud together, or asking questions that gets the majority involved.

Also you need to eradicate the pompousness in your voices.

I repeat you need to eradicate the pompousness in your voices.

I say, you tend to look at the community as the less fortunate. In your view point, we can’t see God on your level. To you God is so close but we have to run a mile just to get a glimpse of Him.

Dear youth leaders we look at you as peers but you look at us as minority. To be humbled is the biggest gift you can give us. That is the secret to your success. Also the separation you have with your brothers group and the people is extremely unhealthy. You’re young and have just begun your lives, all we ask for is love. With love you will look for feedback and you will see how much love grows.

Simplicity: What if instead of adding so many things to service to make it better, we turned it into a simple gathering to worship God?

Another topic I wanted to state was growing in the word and closer to Him. We are so stagnant when we come to church we don’t get anything out of it. We basically go there to feel better for two hours but once we get home everything goes back to normal. Let’s learn how to truly study scripture and teach the children how to pray! Sometimes it comes down to “repeat after me.” But it truly doesn’t matter because we are doing this for the glory of our Mighty Father.

In the youth there are many difficulties. Some are personal some can be prevented. Starting with fellowship in Christ. In a Christians life there should be solid communication about Christ, but there is so few of this, so encourage it!!! Another factor that is struggles with is participation. We get stage fright in front of who? God? No, people. We care so much on how they will respond it consumes us. But what if the separation was changed and the atmosphere was closer? Everyone was brought together as a family, as a congregation, as a unit. Love would thrive throughout our people. Logically speaking if I am on the same level as you I would be more prone to sing, but if I stood above I would have to look down and you would have to look up, and that’s the difference.

In some cases it is time to disconnect. Cell phones are a huge issue. They check it for a “need” “for the time” “for an emergency.” But unless it’s about God you can wait for two hours. A great idea is to leave it at home so you don’t have the temptation.
As well as not being able to disconnect we also tend to forget the new people. How many times do you see faces only once, and never see them again? When one unbeliever becomes saved all of heaven rejoices but when someone new walks into service we stare at them like deer in headlights not knowing what to do. Let’s be a little more like angels and greet and smile and talk to the ones who were brave enough to come.

Another issue we seem to all have is how people worship, if you don’t like it, go up there and do it your way. But if you can’t, then don’t complain.
Also dear youth another grave danger is how much you care about age. If your 13 or if your 30 but youth service is somewhere you should be, then in this case age is but a number. And if rules are set on age, then everyone should respect it! No exceptions. If you can’t follow the rules, then do not set them.

Lastly dear youth do not be shy to share your blessings or your needs for all of us are human and have issues or blessings that need to be shared. Yes people judge at times, but it comes down to two things: (1) if their opinion is of true value to you, or (2) if Gods is the only one that matters. Encourage each other to ask for Prayer. Whatever is said in church should stay in church.

I want to share with you something that has touched me the most. It’s people caring. When we look at each other, I want us to actually care for others, not just because of curiosity. But because Jesus cares. And once we truly care we can cast all your cares on him.

Not all problems I have stated but many were listed. A lot of the things that I have written are very direct. But if we want to fix these things we cannot start changing them all at once. So instead I ask you to take one part of this Declaration that has touched you the most and simply see what God can do through you in changing it. If each of us played a little part in this big plan… sounds a lot like a church, right?