Why Write

I want memories-

I want to read something I’m proud of-

something worth spending time on.

I expect it to be my best,

every paper special to me,

and I rewrite

until it is up to my perfection.

But the main reason I write,

so I can express my feelings on paper,

and then read it over and over

so these emotions, and these


can come back and fill me up again.


every thought has a feeling…

But only the ones that are written get remembered forever.

A Perfect Day

                         A perfect day?

                   There is no such thing.
                        There is always
                           One suicide
                          Two white lies
                   Three very lusting looks
                      Four cuts on the arm
               Five items waiting to be stolen
         Six girls skipping meals to lose weight
Seven people being back stabbed by their loved one.
                           A perfect day?
                     There is no such thing