dizzy vibes

Ten times round the same feelings come haunting,
over and over nine times you say no.
Different skeletons same scenarios eight of which you choose to play.
Seven voices whisper run wild blood rolling the dice,
landing on a six you take your chance.
To replay the fifth and make a perfect game.
The fourth glance was struck.
Strike three your out.
Its two late,
and once again you want to play.

fat Imagination

Your right,
No one cares.
There are no more tears in the windows.
Only swords.
And lies, -lots of lies.
Whimsical fog engulfing your senses.
Brain sends a signal.
Legs don’t budge.
They’re stuck on paranoia.
Of Cést la Vie.
Bricks are the shoes that you spoil yourself with.
But then!
The butler runs down the stairs yelling:
“You’re tracking mud into the parlour.”
Tripping and laughing and looking away.
You return the shoes.
It’s a brand new day.

[please go back and sing the last line]

Swimming to Neverland

I lost my humanity.
Somehow every face resembles cartoons.
Panic attacks come from shopping carts.
I can feel my brain sloshing from side to side.
Like a smooth rock skipping down the face of a pond.
A robot’s hinges are more oiled then mine.
I fall into prickly thorns of emotion.
High pitched buzzings are after every word people say.
As I look at a wall I start laughing.
I rock in the corner and repeatedly murmur:

“I’m normal.”
“I’m normal”
“I’m normal”

Clean Canvas

Behind the scenes.
The beautiful backdrop behind a show.
Or an anonymous artist behind a famous painting
Appreciation is nearly never shown.
But applause is not what your heart desires.
The satisfaction of a job well done is the goal.
And the secret of the job well done, is you.
You step into the crowd with that secret in your heart.
Loving the fact that you will never see,
You, behind the scenes.

dear you

I remember,
I remember when you and me
Would laugh at everything
We see and do and smile
As if life was new.
No responsibility for the choices
We made, no one cared or
Joined our world
It was just you, me, and
But eternity lied,
It never wanted to be our Friend,
it just played with
Our mind and told us
that everything
Would be ok, no worrying
About tomorrow, no price
For the choices, no pain
For the problems.
Yes, now I remember.
I remember the lost eternity.


Twiddling thumbs towards an endless wait where you bounce from realms with one thought to another.
The road has no patience or feelings and you don’t get a choice of which one you want to take.
The mask you wore has come undone when those two lives just weren’t enough.
Each lie you put away to stay true to the path you were given to take.
Relationships fly in and break-ups take off.
Friends come and friends go and nothing lasts forever.
But doing nothing is doing something and forever cannot be defined.
One chooses religion one chooses belief but until they are together there is no reality.

Gifted Futures

Eternity chases itself.
Numbers cling to the flesh.
The queen of hearts gets stabbed again.
Only one thing holds her together.
Countless questions of the past
Scar the presence with its voice.
Sleepless nights forced by pain.
Goodbye because hello is mute.
Millions of images are let go.
A hand is placed on the cold shoulder, and he says “it will be ok.”

I Say

Saying ‘goodbye’ is taking two steps to liberty,
But one look back and you are where you started.
Saying ‘I’m done’ is just two words,

but once fulfilled close the gate to all regrets.
Saying ‘remember’ let’s in the spirits of the past,

whose chains rattle your soul and keep you from sleeping at night.
Saying ‘I love you’ is the most dangerous.

You give up a piece that you cannot take back.
Silence is the key to your grave.

Not so Silly

Love, A silly thing
Given to everyone but not excepted by all
Silly people
Millions of them, but more than half are still alone
Time, A silly thing
It clicks and ticks, but when someone listens, it disappears
Silly Age
Wanting when there is more but more turns around and wants less
Authority, a silly thing
Wanted by all but belonging to only one
Silly money
“I will give you everything you need” said he, “everything but ‘to be’ free”
Beauty, a silly thing
Everyone wants to define it but it’s already defined by everyone
Silly mistakes
Just one drink turns into three but trusting when poisoned is a sad story
Perspective, a silly thing
Everyone thinks they know what you mean, but what they are thinking is the path in between a silly thing.


I float atop the water
Breathing life to all who worship me.
Time is but a number
But numbers have no meaning to me.
My love is my work
But my work doesn’t always love me.
Numerous are my names
But they’re not always said to glorify me.
And yet I don’t complain
I take the pain so that you may be free to worship me.
Even if one strays
I turn back to find the one who accepted me.