Kenya, Africa

I went back to smashing the incarcerated macadamia nut with my carefully picked tool.

Mwamba, the rock.

The scientific method of trial and error brought me to this conclusion:

Step 1: I started with throwing the nuts against the floor.

            Result: absolutely nothing happened.

Step 2: I tried cutting the shell with the biggest knife I could find.

          Result: no luck.

Step 3: I grabbed a cooking pan in hopes of breaking the shell.

        Result: The only thing that broke was the pan.

                      It fell to the floor and the handle remained in my hand.

I scanned the nut but it was upsettingly intact.

The kitchen counter was the one with a crack.

Step 4: Go outside, these nuts are dangerous.

          Result: I found a rock.


“Kuja” Shannon “Kuja”

the tiny bare feet stomped against the linoleum floor

his hand grabbed the door frame and he carefully waddled down the steps.

Shannon hugged my thigh and I got to catch a glimpse of his ethereal eyes

“here Shannon, try it, it’s a sweet, its nzuri.

He shook his head and pressed his lips together. “mmmm- no.”

“Shannon, nzuri, its good.” I smiled.

Then proceeded to roll my eyes, and eat the raw macadamia nut in front of him.

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