The Lady at the Cafe

Sitting down on a high chair facing the window, the middle aged sturdy woman sat down with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other. Taking off her coat and relaxed in the chair she opened the book to read. it was a plain winter day with barely any snow right around the holidays. Nothing was special but it caught my attention when her phone rang. She was speaking to what is sounded like was an editor and she was concerned about a title in her website. Looking at the book I tried to piece everything together. Sitting at a cafe was a writer who just for perfection decided to read her own, already edited book. She didn’t  trust the man on the phone, skeptical of the surroundings and just trying to push through to people and proving to them that this was what she wanted to tell the world and no one could stop her. Ending the conversation her sights were no longer on the book but looking out the window and towards her phone as if the wait and anticipation will help her vigorous perfect life piece together one by one.

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