FaKe LuXurY

The thing I hate most
An unavoidable tragedy for a gallivanter like me
Forcing myself to enter the fear filled building
And choosing to stand in long lines where employees strip me of my dignity- Just to prove I’m harmless.
Everyone marches onto the infested drones
Just to find seats and bathrooms- filthy from the round of troopers before
Side by side we sweat together
Packed in tightly till we can breathe no more.
As we begin our journey through the air
A mixture of excitement and vomit all in one place
Such a waste of money for something I despise
Dizzy spells reoccurring every two minutes
Coordinated screams from little beings coming one after another
You feel your dinner sitting at the end of your throat
But the raging pain inside your brain pushes the chicken back down.
Dear me, I hate to rant
But do we really have to fly once more?

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