Eclectic Dejection

  • She folded her hands together and brought them towards her head. So that when you look straight, directly at her, you cannot see a part of her face.

In an instant, the problem you formulated  in your brain drizzles down your cheek, and disappears in the abyss of laughter;

at your professor who is smiling without a nose.


Bovine Alchemy

Dear Suzie B.
You complete: she
Bash your chain
into the dusty grave.
Cast your vote
before the self, gloats.
He called you indecent,
she called you the free-aunt.
With your candy filled Alligator bag
thrown against your back like a hag,
ride off on your white horse.
City to city its strength grows.


a tinker once tapped into a clock so deep
a knock and a click- tic. tic. tic.
stealthy hands they reached for the end-
only to begin again
his feet unwind and ring on time
they tap at the step of a heart and a beat
always expecting another face to breathe
maybe today, he will wake.
but he slept-
with the pattern of time in his head


Twinkle toes

boats with doe’s

happy feet

watching the city below me weep

flocks of cars

I’m only impressed with transportation to mars

tripping to Venus

inside a forensic Mercedes with a group of hippies


Start to run on broken lumber
that has fallen from the structure
of the burning house.
Jump onto one that snaps in half
and grab another piece, just in time.
Swinging and running through the falling thoughts.
careful not to step on the ground, and LOSE the game of carpet lava.
But I can’t leave the house-
Something so mesmerizing and sweet in the air,
a monotonous smell that I search for
every time my mind visits there.
take me home.
The fire is back, but I am still cold.

Rem Garden

come walk with me
My toes step on cold
square cut
unevenly laid on the frigid dirt path
sprouting out from the cracks
skinny green vines attack for attention
their presence chills my bones
and your toes touch the center of every third square
Right there
that focus you have
One, two,
touch three
Look up,
not too far, just move your head slightly around the path.
you see the beautiful earth laid with a blanket of wicked greens
There is a border on your left and on your right;
Two cold lines that keep you from nature’s strife
One more step on to the in between
sinking each toe into the wet bristles but the heels grounded in cement
hands reach for the soft dirt
your knee strikes a patch of moss
slowly we sink to the intricate ground
brush your fingers and hands into the easy ripped hair
Close your eyes
and really feel the heartbeat of the wind
but only for a second
press your head into the roots
smell the fumes the tree produces for hours
while growing an inch in front of you
It waves its glorious branches in ones face
taunting and teasing your blood flow to race
Look up 

a little more

in the distance your gaze reaches an angry stone wall
Now how can stones be angry?
carelessness can be a virtue-
Quickly they built the wall, throwing the bricks
cussing the storm that hired them all-
one brick lands on a finger and the ladder falls and hugs the grass
there is the end to the wall
the uneven layers of cement form a crown around it all
with no gate
and no time
the ladder is far behind
Come walk with me dear solider
Before the stars start to fall. Continue reading “Rem Garden”


An empty elevator just opened and no one walked out. I watched the air drift to the couch and I said- how are you? Intently looking at the empty seat I proceeded to smile and imagine the beautiful thoughts I could share with the air… poor hotel clerk, she gazed in a scare as she saw my smile spread to the empty chair.


Reality check
Stare into the corner of your room
And actually look
You can’t see it can you?
All the dust and disgust that’s growing as I type
It’s just sitting there like your ego-
In front of your reality
That dust starts to float to the counters and the edges of your picture frames.
Creeping through the air- and only seen when the light pushes through the windows.
It surrounds you day by day you breathe it in and out

Until one day you see a dusty figure sitting in the room right next to you.
You move closer to see if it’s real  -come to find they smell so familiar you begin to feel comfortable around them.
The figure copies your every move and listening to everything you say, becoming your shadow and growing with time.
And then you turn around, and see a monster.
He stomps around claiming his territory and you are thrown into the corner. Reality check.
Not so clean, is it?

FaKe LuXurY

The thing I hate most
An unavoidable tragedy for a gallivanter like me
Forcing myself to enter the fear filled building
And choosing to stand in long lines where employees strip me of my dignity- Just to prove I’m harmless.
Everyone marches onto the infested drones
Just to find seats and bathrooms- filthy from the round of troopers before
Side by side we sweat together
Packed in tightly till we can breathe no more.
As we begin our journey through the air
A mixture of excitement and vomit all in one place
Such a waste of money for something I despise
Dizzy spells reoccurring every two minutes
Coordinated screams from little beings coming one after another
You feel your dinner sitting at the end of your throat
But the raging pain inside your brain pushes the chicken back down.
Dear me, I hate to rant
But do we really have to fly once more?


I love to float
Grasping that moment where your apart of everyone’s conversation;
but your own.
Paying attention to everyone but yourself
And knowing that everyone secretly thanks you for the attention.
The reason why I do it over and over-
Solely bases off of this point.
As soon as you see another acquainting soul
Your mind is filled with necessary information ready to be poured out onto them.
You rapidly disengage all your shy attributes
Especially when there is all this commotion around.
And spill pieces of information that will only make sense to you.
Don’t get me wrong- if there was judgement this would be a different story.
I just throw my shades on, smile, and float.
Just remember…If everyone thinks that they themselves are the most special, who then is thinking of anyone else?